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When you earn your Category C+E licence you will be fully qualified and capable of operating the largest vehicles on British roads. And so training with the expert instructors at HGV PCV Training will dramatically boost your career potential and ensure that your skills behind the wheel are second to none.

What kind of HGV will a Category C+E licence enable me to drive?

There are two types of vehicles for which a driver will require this type of licence. It is necessary for anyone looking to drive a rigid HGV with a trailer attached, as well as for operators of fully articulated lorries comprising a tractor unit and an attached trailer body.

By taking one of our courses, you will be able to become an accomplished and highly employable driver, capable of skilfully transporting the largest payloads across the UK and Europe.

Who can take the test?

Provided that you are over 18 and have a full UK driving license you can begin the process of training for your Category C+E qualification.

You will need to undertake a Category C course beforehand as this is the initial rung of the ladder if you are just starting your HGV driving career. But for those who already have a Category C licence, moving up to a C+E license will be even simpler.

Because we offer a number of training courses for people who want to do more with their career and open up a wide range of opportunities, getting through your Category C+E exams with HGV PCV Training at your side is invaluable, whatever your past experience and circumstances.

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