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To drive a minibus, you will need a PCV D1 licence, which is the entry level qualification that anyone wanting to get behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle will need to obtain. At HGV PCV Training we can give you the right training to attain this license, expand your professional skill set and open up new career opportunities.

When will I require a PCV D1 Minibus licence?

This license will be required to enable you to legally receive payment to operate a vehicle which carries passengers. So whether driving a minibus is just a small part of your wider job, or you are intending to eventually drive buses and coaches, the PCV D1 will be essential.

Once you have passed, you will be eligible to drive passenger carrying vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, rising to 4.25 tonnes when additional equipment designed to accommodate people with disabilities is included.

What are the advantages?

However you choose to use your PCV D1 license, the professional benefits will be significant in a number of ways.

Most importantly, you will be able to command a higher starting salary than someone without the same qualifications, since your ability to drive passenger carrying vehicles will be valuable to employers.

What is involved in the testing process?

To take the test for a PCV D1 license, you must first pass a medical examination and apply for your provisional licence from the DVLA. There will then be both a theory and a practical test to complete.

Our training courses will help you through every part of this journey as you work towards building a career of which you can be proud.

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