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New drivers who completed the initial CPC qualificationare presented with a CPC card demonstrating they have met their legal requirements. That card is good for five years. All drivers licenced prior to 2008/2009 were afforded acquired rights that gave them an additional five years to complete their CPC training. In 2015, all commercial drivers now on the road are expected to have a valid CPC card.

Remedial training, also known as periodic training, is required in order to renew an expiring card every five years. This training is intended to be both professional development and competency training that keeps the professional at the top of his/her game. It involves 35 hours of classroom work offered through an approved training provider such as the Specialised Training Services (HGV Training).

Remedial training does not have to be orientated to a limited list of just a few topics. Companies like ours that develop CPC courses are given the flexibility and latitude to custom design training courses to meet the needs of each of our clients. One client may want drivers to be trained in emergency road safety while another may prefer training in the safe transport of petroleum products. There are dozens of options in terms of the topics we can

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