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Whether you own a rigid body or towed horsebox, HGV PCV Training can provide you with the training necessary to become a qualified and competent operator of this type of vehicle.

What type of licence will I require?

The type of licence you will require will depend upon the horsebox itself. For towed models you will need either a B+E licence if the vehicle doing the towing is a car, or a C1+E licence if you are intending to use an LGV.

For rigid horseboxes, either a Category C1 or Category C licence will be necessary, depending on the weight of the vehicle.

Category C1 training will help you to secure a licence to operate vehicles such as horseboxes weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, while a full Category C license will cover anything heavier than this.

What specialist training will I receive?

The horsebox training offered by HGV PCV Training will not just enable you to safely use towed trailers, rigid or articulated commercial vehicles of a particular weight. We will also give you the skills you need to make sure that the animals on board arrive at their destination safely and in fine form.

Our courses cover various aspects of equine transport, with industry-recognised accreditation on offer to those who pass. So whether you intend to learn to drive the horsebox you own, or to work as a professional in this industry, our training will be a valuable investment.

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