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If you already drive a truck and you want to improve your employment prospects and earning power, it can be sensible to receive Moffett training so that you are qualified to make use of a mounted forklift.

Professionally speaking, you will be in a strong position once you have earned a Truck Mounted Forklift Certificate with the help of training from HGV PCV Training.

What will Moffett training help me achieve?

Being qualified to operate a truck mounted forklift will equip you with a more versatile skill set, enabling you to load and unload a vehicle in addition to driving it to and from your destination. The piggyback style of forklift mounting is fairly common, meaning that drivers do not need to rely on this type of machinery being present at every location they visit.

A typical truck mounted forklift will also be advantageous due to its durability and performance over rough surfaces, tarmac and concrete; therefore, training to use such a machine will make you more productive, efficient and attractive to employers.

Who should take a Moffett training course?

For those who already have a forklift qualification of some kind, training requirements will be reduced. As some truck drivers may already have interacted with Moffett in the past, earning your certificate could be simpler than you might think.

If you are starting from scratch, a more comprehensive course in forklift use will be necessary.

Whatever your experience level, you might decide to extend your training to cover larger, more capable forklift models, such as those that offer extended reach or counterbalance capabilities. We will be able to help you fulfil any and all forklift training needs.

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