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Telescopic handlers, also known as telehandlers, are widely used in construction and agricultural work, lifting heavy loads to places that standard forklifts cannot reach.

The complex nature of telescopic handler operation means that training is required before anyone can climb aboard and use one in a safe and efficient manner. There are also different categories of telescopic handler to take into account when choosing your training course.

What makes telehandler training important?

Telehandler training is crucial due to the varied capabilities offered by these machines. In addition to J2 telehandlers, which offer variable reach potential with lift heights of up to nine metres, J3 models are specifically designed for high lift work, elevating loads to nine metres and beyond.

Lifting is not the only task that a telehandler can tackle, with a variety of attachments allowing these machines to double up as bale grabbers, sweepers and more besides; therefore, you may need to train to use a telehandler even if you have already completed a course in the past if you want to add to your skill set.

What is required to complete a telehandler training course?

Training in the use of telehandlers is possible whether you are a novice looking to obtain experience and certification for the use of this type of machinery or an operator with existing qualifications in need of a refresher course.

For those who want to use their telehandler skills to work in construction, obtaining CPCS accreditation will be necessary. Working in other industries, such as warehousing, will simply require a training certificate recognized by the prospective employer.

To find out more about the telehandler training courses we offer and to obtain expert advice about which course to take, get in touch with HGV PCV Trainingand we will start you on the path to a new career.

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